When it comes to electrical work, it’s absolutely essential to have a licensed, experienced professional handle the job.

A live electrical system is dangerous and can be surprisingly complex, and that’s why Walteria Electric is here. We have more than a decade of experience with electrical systems of all different types and sizes, and our fully certified team is ready to diagnose, repair, and install with excellence.

Keeping your home powered is incredibly important, especially when it comes to keeping perishables edible, lights blazing, and beyond. Even more importantly, you need an electrical system that doesn’t put your home at risk for fire or other damage. We’re very good at staying safe while efficiently identifying and fixing whatever may be troubling your system. Additionally, if you have a new build in need of effective, trustworthy wiring, we will be your world-class electrical architects.

As allies for you and your home, we’re passionate about meeting your needs and earning your continued trust. Our technicians are friendly, clearly uniformed, and happy to answer your questions. We understand that it’s your home and your property, and we want to give you lasting peace of mind.

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